Diamonds in the Ruff (based in Saskatoon, SK) was founded September 2001. We are a fun, enthusiastic group of people who come together to play a game that we and our dogs love – flyball!!

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What is Flyball

Flyball is North America’s fastest growing dog sport. It is a FAST 4-dog relay race between two competing teams. One dog from each team racing side by side (in separate lanes), must go over 4 jumps, step on a Flyball box pedal, catch (or retrieve) a tennis ball, and return over all four jumps to the start/finish line where the next dog eagerly awaits. The first team to have all four dogs finish the race with zero faults wins the heat.  The jump heights for a team are determined by the “height dog” (smallest dog) on the team. 

The best part of Flyball is that this sport encompasses all the things that dogs love!!! 

Flyball is open to any breed of dog and humans of any age. It’s a blast for dogs that enjoy games and interacting with their humans! If you have a busy dog that needs something to do – this sport may be for YOU! The only requirements are that your dog must LOVE to play with a ball, be reasonably sociable with other dogs/humans, and be in good physical condition. 

What do you get out of participating in Flyball besides fun?

PRIZES!!! are awarded for the top finishing teams within each division at tournaments. But whether you win or lose you still collect points and titles on your dog.

NAFA Titles – dogs earn points towards Flyball titles based on the team’s time:

Less than 32 seconds: Each dog earns 1 point

Less than 28 seconds: Each dog earns 5 points

Less than 24 seconds: Each dog earns 25 points

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